My Photography Adventures!


Purebred German Brindle Boxer

Born: May 23, 2009     Deceased: October 17, 2017

Simply the best dog I have ever taken care of, wonderful disposition, always obedient, loved everyone, would eat anything, a very good swimmer, and best of all, loved us unconditionally.

The Canadian Rockies

Toh Toh Ahtu, Humpback Whales in The Kingdom of Tonga

In a world of often misused superlatives "awesome" would be one of the most popular, but in the Kingdom of Tonga where you can interact and swim with Humpback Whales and their calves, it is certainly apropos, and roughly translated to English, that's what the Tongan phrase "TohToh  Ahtu" means....AWESOME!

Socorro Expedition 2010, “The Blue Realm”

We were dining at the famous Casa Mia in downtown Cabo San Lucas, one of Mexico’s Number one travel destinations. Light banter between us, an ice cold Margarita, Live Mariachi music played by traveling minstrels. Trained Parakeets prognosticating your fortune, Clowns making balloon caricatures, grandmothers selling roses, even a gift shop selling all sorts of trinkets. This was the Mecca of Mexican tourist restaurants.

Fiji??.... Where the hell is Fiji??................Well, if you were to go around the World, it would be the farthest point away… before you would start coming back....(Jim Carey in The Truman Show)