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About Armadillo Tractor, Inc.

Armadillo Tractor, Inc. is your worldwide source of late model heavy construction equipment. Owned and operated by Mark R. Gustin, and drawing on 30 years of professional heavy equipment transactions, our customer’s interests are our first priority. Honesty, integrity, accountability are the cornerstones on which we are built.

As a charter member of the Independent Equipment Dealers Association, Armadillo Tractor, Inc. provides our customers with the personal service you remember, but with the expertise of a much larger company. Regardless of your earthmoving equipment needs, we can handle your requirements with efficiency, as well as the professionalism that you expect and deserve!

At Armadillo Tractor, Inc. we know how you think and we know what is important to you as a buyer or seller. Our operation in Waller, Texas is 30 miles Northwest of Houston Texas. Because of our location, we can comfortably service the majority of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central & South America. Our ocean port system offers us a unique advantage to service the World, both as a buyer or seller.

We have access to some of the very best technicians and mechanics in the Houston Texas area, these gentlemen have the technology and expertise to cover anything necessary with the newer machines that are being used today, in operations domestic and globally. Further our painting crew has been working for us for over 28 years and are exceedingly particular with the job they do.

Equipment costs, to a contractor,  is one of the most vital components to a successful business, and understanding each individual cost factor and their relative impact is just as important as knowing the overall cost of owning and operating heavy earthmoving equipment. At Armadillo Tractor Inc., we have the foresight and hindsight needed to direct our clients and customers to the best earthmoving machine for the best price for the job they require. We have taken great pride in the ability to deliver what is needed, in the time it is required and at a price point that is acceptable to our customers.

If you are planning on being in the Houston Texas area, give us a call, or come by and visit our facility!

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